• Organize kitchen drawers, cupboards, and pantries to maximize ease of cooking and easily find utensils
• Arrange cabinets to maximize space and efficiency
• Declutter items that haven’t been used in ages
• Protect the integrity of your refrigerator- be able to see what you have and reduce waste


    • Set up/clean out/reorganize files

    • Install systems to keep track of important documents, receipts, and
    reference material

    • Create “catch” zones to wrangle incoming and in-process/outgoing paper

    • Declutter and organize desk space

    • Scan, Digitize, & Organize files

    • Organize desktop

    • Calendaring/Task List Organization


    • Decluttering Plan
    • Time Management Plan
    • Packing Plan (by room)
    • Create an Inventory
    • Packing & Unpacking


    • Organize desktop
    • Set up online calendar
    • Organize digital photos
    • Utilize organizing applications
    (organizing/inventory/moving apps)

    What is

    I offer every client I work with a free phone consultation where I listen carefully to what the client needs and wants to accomplish. During the consultation, we discuss what is working in the space, what isn’t, and what would be the ideal outcome. We come up with an action plan, and get to work!

    FSO Pricing

    I charge an hourly fee. I have a 3 hour minimum per session. Session packages start at $225.00.

    Call for your free phone consultation