Sara is amazing at tackling projects and approaching them with sensible and inspired finesse. I am very impressed and wish she could help me everyday!

-Jeff S.

Because of the time I spent with Sara, the way I now approach organizing is new and wonderful.

By Grace, I met Sara just before I moved. She stood out from a crowd of people at an event...she was the one smiling brightly. She looked happy and kind (and I really like happy and kind). When she talked about organizing, her eyes actually sparkled! This was clearly my girl.

About a week later, Sara met me at my place, days before I was scheduled to move out. I warned her that the house was a mess...boxes filled with things to sort, things to donate, things to move and things I hadn't even yet addressed. That seemed to get her even more excited!

She showed up with a smile and her handy bag of organizational goodies, sat down next to me on the floor and together we went through each box, one at a time, as if she had all the time in the world and she was dedicating it exclusively to me. Her presence literally transformed a seemingly stressful event into a wonderfully supportive day.

Then, she came back on moving day! While my boyfriend and I were moving things from the old place to the new place, we gave Sara the full access pass to our new home. She set up our kitchen, our bathroom, and our closets all while we were running around getting the old place emptied out and cleaned up! She took such great care of us and our home that day. She is now a treasured part of our family and she is always welcome here.

When the piles of stuff seem like too much, or you simply need some bright, enthusiastic energy around to help organize, call Sara. You will be so glad that you did. πŸ™‚

-Dominique D.

AMAZING and such a relief to have a project complete if I attempted to do it on my own would not have been done. Sara is great at what she does and so efficient! I will be hiring Sara again in the future for other purges.

-Rebecca S.

Sara is amazing!! Better than I ever could have expected or asked for!

-Kellie B.

Positive, encouraging, extremely efficient. I did not know what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised in every way!!

-April A.

Oh my goodness! Sara is absolutely AMAZING!! I'm grateful beyond belief that we found each other! I hired Sara to help me organize & declutter my apartment. Sara approaches every project with joy & enthusiasm! Such a gift! She has taught me valuable organizing skills (to last a lifetime!) & has instilled in me a love of boxes (4 organizing little items). I've found Sara to be not only highly professional & outstanding at her craft but also she approaches everything with so much love, grace & care.

-Sarah L.

Sara is a wonderful home organizer. My home had a lot of hidden clutter. Sara was quick, efficient, and not at all scared to get dirty. She helped in a variety of areas in my home. One of those troublesome, truly neglected areas, was my garage. Sara transformed this area into something I am now extremely proud of.

One of the amazing things about Sara is her friendly and easy-going personality. I enjoy being around her. She is a very hard worker and she knows her stuff!

Sarah even motivated my husband to start organizing some parts of our home which is incredibly amazing because he tends to have a slight hoarding issue. I would highly recommend Sara to anyone that needs help in organizing your home or business! She is always on time and really enjoys her job! Give her a try, you will be amazed.

-Kelly S.

Sara completed 5 hours of organizing with me before the new year. She helped me go through drawers and boxes that were long overdue for sorting and utilized my existing furniture/storage items. It was very helpful. She was very non-judgmental and I was happy with the end result.

-Nicole B.

I hired Sara to help me organize my room and closet about a month ago. I really wanted to take the time to write a thorough and excellent review. Hiring Sara was truly a life changing experience and I could not be anymore pleased by her service. She came in with a smile and such a positive attitude when I met her! She was so excited to help me organize my room; I started to feel the same! Sara is extremely helpful, creative, and insightful- she knew what to do to maximize every inch of my closet to make it look more organized! She came in extremely prepared with bags, tools, and other supplies. Not only did she help me organize my room, but she walked me through the steps on HOW to organize. Ever since I met Sara, my life has been less stressful and more at ease. I’ve keep my room extremely organized and have used what she had taught me in other settings. I highly recommend everybody to hire Sara because she is EXCELLENT. In addition, she even took time out of her day to send me photos and other ideas on how I can restructure my room to use the space for organization. GREAT service, you MUST hire her πŸ™‚ She’s great! Thanks again Sara!!! I never knew organizing could be so fun until I met you!

-Suzanne W.

Wow! Sara kept me going and I have space now! Where I usually would quit out of frustration, Sara kept me energized. She takes away the donates/giveaways. She is giving resources for getting rid of and selling large items. Will continue to use her! Worth every penny!

-Susan L.

Sara is incredible. INCREDIBLE. I can't emphasize that enough! She worked with me hands-on for a week going through every little bit of clutter in my house. She's very patient, and always has a smile on her face and really helped me logically go through the whole organizing process. I had all this lingering clutter that has never been looked at, and she helped me create a system for every part of my house to be easily accessible and presentable. I'm a little on the OCD-side with organizing - when I actually do it - and she was SO ready for all my obsessive needs (like whipping out her labeler). She constantly took notes for anything else that I needed and would send it over as soon as she gets home in an excel sheet. Day 1 we went through storage clutter in the guest room closet, under bed, and the DESK - papers take the longest. Non-stop working for 6 hours, Sara had bins labelled "sentimental land", "donate", "recycle" etc. and both her and I went through the items and popped them in the bins or trash. So efficient! Next time she came we marathon-organized for ELEVEN HOURS, non-stop. Went through all the closets, bathrooms, kitchen, electric wires, aka. my whole house. COMPLETE transformation. We ended up filling her car with items to be donated which she kindly does as well! Before and after our sessions and for about a week after she kept sending me ideas and links to certain objects to buy somewhere else to make my apartment even more organized. I even received a letter from her with the goodwill receipts. I'm telling you, impressive. The best investment I've ever made by far. As I told her many times, she helped me organize my life! My husband absolutely loves it, now we know where everything is because each thing has its place. I 1000% recommend Sara to anyone and everyone. She was extremely professional from day 1 with her contract, bulletin board with notes, sharpie in hair, and every other tool possible! Organizing makes life so easy and with Sara's skill and energy, it will be a reformative, regenerative process!

-Zeyna A.

Using Fresh Space Organizing was the best decision I made for my move. Sara did a phenomenal job helping me pack and organize. She got straight to work when she arrived, working hard and fast the entire time. She has a great attitude and a really pleasant demeanor. She was fun to chat with and helped put me at ease during this stressful time. She came up with a system for organizing the boxes that was very helpful and even brought some of her own labels and tools along. At the end of each visit she took anything I wanted to donate to Goodwill and made sure I got the receipt at no additional cost. Not having to take that extra step was a huge help during this stressful period. I give Sara my highest recommendation and would definitely hire her again.

-Sonya R.